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Our Company Kimberley Sandstone

Our Company

Kimberley Sandstone

Kimberley Sandstone Products are an innovative and progressive business providing an exquisite and unique range of natural stone direct from the awe-inspiring Kimberley region of Western Australia. We also have interests and supply sandstone from Queensland Sandstone Quarry's.

Kimberley Sandstone Products is a 100 percent Australian owned business that prides itself on meeting individual client requirements.

Our products are being used in exciting projects all around Australia and are also being exported to the USA, China and Korea.


While Others are Promising - We are Delivering on Time!

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Freighted to ANYWHERE in Australia

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Bring the Kimberleys into Your Next Project

Kimberley Sandstone     Queensland     Australia

Kimberley Sandstone Sydney: Our product range supplied in Sydney is slightly different
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