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Product Features Kimberley Sandstone

Product Features

Features: Explanation of Terms

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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed from debris deposited of silica granules by wind or water and consolidated with amorphous silica or calcium carbonate cementing matrix, often in conjunction with aluminum or iron oxide, which contributes yellow, orange or brown colouration.


Around five million years ago (in the Pliocene) this shallow sea became land and the vast sandbanks of broken fragments of marine animals compacted to form rock known as limestone.


Quartzite is a naturally occuring stone formed from sandstone. Heat and pressure bonds the sandstone and quartz grains together very tightly to form quartzite, giving it a natural stone look with a high concentration of fine shiny metallic quartz grains, these particles go right through the quartzite stone giving it an intricate and beautiful natural metallic design. The quartz in quartzite is so hard that it can even scratch steel. The Quartzite stone is amongst the hardest and most resistant of all natural rocks.


For use in Feature Walls, the thickness can vary depending on the material (see catalogue).


Mostly used for Internal use and light traffic areas outside, the thickness can vary between 12mm to 25 mm depending on material (average is 15mm - see catalogue).
Laid with adhesive on Concrete.


Mostly used for External use and heavy traffic areas outside, eg. driveways, the thickness can vary between 20mm to 45 mm depending on material (average is 35mm - see catalogue).
Laid on compounded Sand.


The top and bottom edges of one side are rounded as a feature edge.

Reconstituted Limestone

Reconstituted limestone is a manufactured product made by using crushed waste limestone from the quarries.

Diamond Cut Sawn

A Diamond Blade Saw cuts a smooth edge and leaves a nice smooth featured surface to the rock and stone.

Honed One Side

Honing is similiar to polishing.

Wheel Sawn

A Wheel Blade Saw cuts a rough edge and leaves a rugged featured surface to the rock and stone.


100x100mm size stone. Thickness varies.


Kimberley Sandstone Colour range from the Kimberley's in Western Australia.

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